Vicky is amazing.  Not only is Vicky a very talented dental hygienist, she is also very caring and compassionate.

Angie Schilaty
Loveland, CO
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Welcome to Dental Hygiene Haven!


Greetings, and Welcome to Dental Hygiene Haven – a place where you will be treated with care and compassion as your teeth are gently and thoroughly cleaned and checked.  This office maintains a relaxed atmosphere so you can be comfortable.  There is a CD player in the office; feel free to bring your favorite music CD if you like.  You can expect to get  feedback and customized tips about how you can best maintain your teeth and gum health at home – which may include homecare cleaning techniques, products, and sometimes even nutritional adjustments for you to consider.  I always encourage you to keep what fits and “delete” the rest.

Vicky’s Welcome Message to You!


The main thing you can expect at Dental Hygiene Haven is to be treated with respect, and with a caring attitude and a gentle touch.  We’ll start with a brief interview process so you and I get on the same page right from the start – I want to know what you need and how I can best help you.

Then you’ll receive an oral cancer screening, a gum disease exam, and a tooth-by-tooth cavity and filling screening.  During this process, I determine the type of cleaning needed for you.


I am very knowledgeable in the oral-systemic connection – which means how your oral health impacts the rest of the body – and how the rest of the body impacts what’s happening with your gums.  Recommendations you receive will reflect this wholistic view.



I really encourage you to be in charge of your own body and health.  I make recommendations as I feel led to, but please consider them carefully.  I always say to keep what fits and “delete” the rest.  As a Dental Hygienist, I am not a doctor.  I do not diagnose, treat, or cure any disease other than the Gum Disease I am licensed to diagnose and treat.

Dental Hygiene Treatment for Teeth

One patient recently said: “I like your style.  You’re not a nagger, you’re an educator.”  That opinion blessed me – that’s exactly what I’m called to do.



So call today – I look forward to working with you!

Call for your appointment today!   (970) 481-8752

“Great service – painless & educational also! Enjoyed the experience – will definitely schedule with Vicky again.”
–Ron Martinez, (the guy who “doesn’t write testimonials!”) Fort Collins, CO